Silver bands divert and reconnect, establishing stability within each jewelry piece despite the empty space that they surround. This invisible space in our lives may be filled with expectations, distractions, worries, joys and the mundane, but the frame – our families, friends, and connections – provides us with strength and purpose.

Photo by Vivienne Nieuwenhuizen on Unsplash


A celebration of all individuals’ uniqueness. In these jewelry pieces, the same component has been used three times, but each one given an individual surface texture or size. Still, the components go well together, even better than if they were all identical. Respect and enjoy the diversity around you!

Photo by Steffen B. on Unsplash


Multiple layers make up each piece of jewelry. Maybe there’s more than what meets the eye, just like when it comes to people.

Photo by Hasan Almasi on Unsplash


Imagine a summer meadow with color splashes from cornflowers, dandelions, daisies, poppies, and the occasional rare orchid? Welcome to my meadow with silver and colorful semi-precious gemstones.

Photo by Richard Bell on Unsplash